Feb 2, 2013


this is my way back.
never throw away, just stay away.

Jun 7, 2011

美 人


Japanese Super Junior Day :)
hehehe, what cute YeSung Oppa~
(Click pics, becoming big!)

May 16, 2011


there is no reason I'm very active.
just I really love SUPER JUNIOR!

and the SUPER JUNIOR TRUCK ruuning around the hall :)

↑ back ^^
↓ KyuHyun ^^^^

the day before,
we (my friend who loves YeSung and me who loves KyuHyun!kk) stayed hotel,
and talked about Super Junior till midnight~!! How precious time~!!! XD
and of course bought many goods X)

(kk..how I love KyuHyun...
sometimes I'm very worried about ME! KYUHYUN ADIICTION! lol)

Apr 10, 2011

listen to my heartbeat.

Recently, I'm interested in INFINITE :)
I watched interviews on TV, and then watched MV "BTD" ...find they're cool.
I heve some magazines wrote about them. so try to read the articles.
hehehe...I can't identify the members yet...:p